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Plot device #1 - Fictional memoirs: introduction

Plot devices - one of the novelties i mentioned in my update. Every two weeks I shall post a new plot device as a prompt for you to write something according to that theme.
Feel free to write your piece in the comments section, but a livejournal post linked to this entry and a subsequent link to your piece in this entry's comments section would be preferable, so that we can all leave feedback to each other without the dreaded comments chains that last 20 pages!
Also, within these two weeks I accept suggestions from you on what the next plot device should be!

This first plot device concerns fictional memoirs. Think David Copperfield. Think Memoirs of a Geisha. Heck, think also Catcher in the Rye if we want to consider that a fictional memoir. How would you start one?
Don't underestimate character preparation. They're talking about an event that affected them, there's feelings, possibilities and repercussions linked to every single word they use.
Think about it.
And then post! =)

Useful links (comment if you have more): (word document to download - clean file, i checked it!)

Deadline for your entries: November 4th, 2008.
Tags: fictional memoirs, plot devices
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