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The Dream Serpent

Older than the written word, the legend of the Dream Serpent tells of a creature that links people to the world of the dreaming and beyond. Her tale has been passed down from generation to generation in the tribes of the aborigines living in Australia, many believing her to be responsible for the creation of the earth itself. Jared has decided to follow the history and myth of this mystical snake in an attempt to help his brother, Jonathan, overcome recent tragedies and recapture the past.

Along the way they meet another set of brothers who offer their services as a guide on their journey. But Seth and Aiden hide a secret of their own. As tensions and romantic feelings arise, these four end up entangled in each other’s lives more than they ever thought possible. Past pain may prove to be too much for love to bloom with both Aiden and Jonathan’s scars making physical intimacy complicated for one and emotional confidence difficult for the other. Can these two overcome the rising conflict between their pasts, their brothers, and the mysterious man who shows up bound and determined to track down the Dream Serpent for his own purpose by any means necessary?

First two chapters are here:

Chapters are updated every 1-2 weeks.

(Note: This story is m/m. Current Rating: PG/PG-13.)
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