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Journey ~Red Eye Man~

When he stands beside me, I feel like I lost all of my strength.
I fall down right away. Unconsciously and embarrassingly.
Then, he who looks like a prince from a fairy tail looks gently to me and smile.

“Are you alright?” and giving his hand to me, offering help with his deep and low voice.
“Ah… ye-yes.” I took his hand & become the center of attraction. “Thank you so much”
With a light smile, he than say
“You are welcome. Be careful next time.” Then just like the breeze, he walks through me as if nothing happens.

“Are you alright Elle? Why you suddenly fell?” asked Alcolt, worried about me.
“No. I think I just a bit tired.”
“Yeah, it’s your first day of school after all.”
“Who is he?”
“He got your attention already? Well, you can’t really deny him though. Hahaha”

“Who is he?” I ask once more

“Seigdell Autorhia. You could call him the leader of S-class. He is acknowledged as the most gorgeous man, everyone in S-class respect him & acknowledged him as a good leader, a gentleman but his backgrounds are all unknown. Man full with mystery.”

“Seigdell Authoria……” I repeat his name

“You only have your interest in him?”

“Eh?” my face turns red and I immediately wave my hand “No. No, it’s not like that”

“Just admit it.” Chuckle.

“Well, how about the others?” I try to change the topic

“The one at his right side is Kanon Winniell, she is the most popular girl here, and as I see she has her interest against Authoria too, although all girls have interest on him. She is cold against everyone but not with Authoria. She will sacrifice everything for him. And the big one on Authoria back is Gubert Aurion. That man doesn’t ever say anything. Rarely heard he speaks. He acts like Authoria’s bodyguard. Then the blonde & skinny one on his left is Gazelle Rui. Completely opposite than Gubert, he always smile. They say that he is straight, only a rumour though. But I think he doesn’t have any bad personality. When you call Authoria the leader, he is the vice-leader of this S-class. Last, the noisy one who stays at everyone’s back is Exell Flow. Be careful, he is a playboy. His appearance is wild, noisy, and seems like he has no manner. Despite his appearance, he has an unbelievable brain. Second best man at school in term of academic.”

“Huh? Exell Flow? You mean Flow? Our school name?” my eyes went big
“You don’t know? He’s our chief director’s only son.” Answered Alcolt

“Ehh???!!! That means, he owns this school?”

“That’s right.”

“I’m surprised.” Gulp.

“Now, let’s head to cafeteria. The crowd has dismissed themselves too”

“Ah, right.” Said Elle while following Alcolt

“What’s that??” pointing her hand up above
“That’s cafeteria’s 2nd floor.”
“I know that much. But why only S-class students are on 2nd floor?”
“It’s made especially for them. What do you think it will be if they mix our seats together?”
“That’ll be TERRIBLE.”

Alcolt only give a big laugh over my silly statement.

“No, actually, the second floor is restricted for S-class students. Well, you could see the interiors and feels are different. It’s full with branded goods. You can’t help it, they pay more, so they get more. And we, regulars are stuck with these common goods.”

“They got more huh? Sure, rich people got more everywhere.” Me, only whisper slowly to Alcolt’s explanations.


“Nope.” Giving a smile to Alcolt, not wanting to take the conversation far.


After eating lunch with some peoples from our class, the bell rang. Then we headed back to our class. Lunch time over and we have class to continue.

“Well, this is for today. Don’t forget to mark these parts. It’ll come out on your exam.”

“Stand up! Bow!”
“Thank you for today!”
“Elle! Let’s head back to dorm together. I haven’t give you a walk around the dorm because of S-class, I’ll introduce you to our dorm system”
Smile “Yes!”

“I wonder why they make the dorms like this. We need to go through the cafeteria as our routine. Behind these pillars lies a hallway that connect to next building and no windows. We can’t see the beauty garden if it’s like this.” I Said it with a wrinkle on my face.

“I don’t know it either. Maybe just some style? By the way Elle, have you checked on your goods?”

“Well, the dorm leader says she’ll arrange it for me though. I think she have sent it to my room?”

“Do you know where IS your room Ms. Ellethia?”

“Urrgghh… you got me. I only know the dorm leader & her room. NOT MINE though.” Sigh~~~ “Maybe I should give a visit to her. Hahaha…” Said Elle clumsily.

“Speaks of the devil.” A smirk appears on Alcolt’s face. “See, female dorm leader. There.”

“Ah! Dorm Leader!” Elle unconsciously pointed her finger at her.  

Our Dorm Leader, Arielle Joy, a tall girl with wavy bob. Tanned skin & sexy body which one of a model would have. Around 176 cm tall, small eyes without lid. Last, a huge boobs.

“Hey, isn’t it the new face, Joy if I’m not mistaken.” She smile at me.

“Ms.Joy, I just wanted to search for you. I… well; it’s a bit clumsy & forgot to ask… where my own room is this morning…”

“I’m looking for you too for that case. It’s my fault also, I forgot to tell & give you the key.” While taking out something “Here is the key, 3rd floor, number 304. Check out your goods if they’re missing.”

“Thanks. I’ll go to check my own room now. Bye.” Taking my leave...
“Elle! Since you didn’t share your room with anyone & yours is at back, near emergency exit door, please be more careful.”

“I know! Thanks so much Arielle!” I happily wave my hand to Joy then goes back to Alcolt.

“Nah, after you arrived at regular’s dorm, remember, first floor until third floor are for girls and fourth floor until sixth are for boys. Grand floor are the only place where regular’s male and female students could stay together. And remember, there’s check point beside the lift, you’ll need your student ID card to go inside. Lifts here are separated for boys and girls too, right is girls and left is boys. So you can’t go inside boys dorm and boys can’t go inside girls dorm”

“So complicated.”


“Girls lift’s buttons only have 1 until 3 floor, and boys lift’s buttons only have 4 until 6. When you have business with boys, you have to make a call or sent him an e-mail, then you could meet here, at hall.”


“OK, I understand.”

“Then, meet again later.” Taking his leave.


After Alcolt leave, I went to the right lift for girls. As he said, the lift’s buttons only have 1st until 3rd floor options. I then press third button, exited to see my own room

Door opens.

“Wow. It’s large! I’ll use this room alone?” Elle amazed by looking at her own room for a second and hurried to check her baggage.
“Ah! It’s safe!”

She took a quite big brown bag out. Seems like something really big is inside, checking whether if there are scratches on it. Carefully.
“Good! Not damaged! I don’t know what will be if it’s damaged!” taking a small breath, and…
“Let’s go out shall we, Venus?” smiling at the big bag

Through the exit door I took the big bag out, sneakily, afraid of being found. I go through it safely and immediately searches for a ‘suitable’ place. Beyond the exit door, there is a small broken hallway connecting regular dorm & S-class dorm. But the hallway is broken, have holes everywhere, then I arrived at an old untouched garden, as if no one cared for a long time.

“That place looks good. It’s quite far from dorm too.” Lifting my bag and go through the broken hallway wall. With my small body, it’s easy for me to sneak through the hole which connects directly to the untouched garden.

After a while, looking at her surrounding, I found an old style yet also broken; resting place. The pillars are twisted around by the wild plants and the table also broken. Cracks are everywhere.

“Perfect place!” putting the bag down, and lift the lid, surprisingly, inside the big bag is, a well designed, beauty white harp with rose carving on the side and a middle-sized red jewel on the center.

“Let’s make a good sound too today, Venus.” Saying like that while lightly touch her harp as the most precious thing.

But, suddenly, a footstep sound.

“Who’s there?”

Shocked, quickly lift her head, and in front of her is the red eye man…

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