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Community Bulletin #1: Do you fancy yourself as a songwriter?

Hello all,
I am the invisible - and mostly M.I.A. - moderator of this community!
Why am I writing to you now? Well, I bear great news.

Firstly, I'll be here more often. A lot more often. In fact, I'll be here once a week. Why? Do not fret, I shall not install a new regime of censorship and control, your free will is safe and sound (as long as you think!). =)
But I want to spice things up, because I'm sad to see that this community is going a bit adrift, resembling a bit the wastelands really, with very few contributions and very, very little feedback. I'm not telling you off, really! Having been an absentee for so long, I'm mostly impressed at how the guidelines have been respected and the community has been going on, but I wish to see it become a bit more active.

And here we get to the second reason for this post. I've received an e-mail today from the mantainer of brigits_flame, and he had an interesting proposal. Next month they'll be having a week-long songwriting context, and he wondered if we were willing to get involved in the idea and compete against them. What do you guys think, is anyone up for the challenge?

Finally, the last point of this bulletin: you. What is this community to you? What would you like it to be? How can we make this place upgrade from a neat hideout for creative and opinionated people to a great place for us to express ourselves?

Please comment with your opinions, especially concerning the songwriting contest. Let's see this community spirit roar, or in alternative meow with enthusiasm!

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